New Things! Updates! Wheee!

Happy December!


Where the hell did 2015 go? (I’m not altogether sure I want it back.) Onward to 2016…and THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS!

Mostly, since I posted last I’ve been settling in to writing a new (old) project. The idea came to me several years ago, but due to other writing commitments, it had to wait in the queue. After finishing up work on THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS and the next project, I had a conversation with my awesome agent to discuss what I should be working on next. Initially, I went diving headlong into a really fun, dark book . . . and crashed and burned when my dog passed away. It’s amazing how emotions can just grind your ability to create to a halt. I tried to find my way back into that story and was met with dead ends and a great deal of frustration. More frustration than it was worth, so I had a long talk with Awesome Agent M and we talked about this old project of mine that I had pitched to her a few years ago. We decided maybe, just maybe it was time to dust off the opening pages and see what would happen. I haven’t gotten very far into it. It’s also writing itself in a bit of an odd manner. There are case files, incident reports, intake reports, and other official documents that are at least part of the background of the story, and those are demanding to be written first. Perhaps to give me a feel for what the hell is going on, how did things get to where they are now. Maybe they’ll show up in the finished project. Maybe they won’t.

It’s also one of the few projects where I feel compelled to draw certain aspects, and that’s okay. I can draw fairly well. I’m not, like, the greatest artist ever, but I’m competent. I spent my first semester of college as an art student until I realized I was going broke paying for supplies with money my mother and I didn’t have.

We’ll see where things end up. Right now, I’m just very grateful that I have a job that lets me do what I want to do and express myself in ways that would earn most people the side-eye.

Couple of quick things:

I’ve made a handful of updates to the website.
*Projects page: I’ve added the cover of THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS along with the blurb quotes and some easy buy links. Yeah, yeah, boring. I hope to have some news about future works soon. We’ll see. Fingers crossed. Salt over the shoulder. All that jazz.

*Extras page: I’ve updated my online haunts with more social media links because, really, I’m not that active here. I’m much more chatty on Twitter and post photos to Instagram and Tumblr. I’ve also included a FAQ on the extras page because, while I love getting emails from readers, aspiring authors, and bloggers, I do receive some of the same questions many times so it might be easier if I have an easy to find answer. Please, though, if there’s a question I’ve left unanswered, ask away.

*Review copy policy: I get a LOT of requests for a review copy of my work. This is fantastic, and I truly am heartened that there is so much interest in the book. Here’s the deal. I was given very few paper copies of THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS galley, and they have been spoken for. There are ways to find a digital galley, and I have written up that information on my Contact page.

Until next time,

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