Friday Free-For-All

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all who have come along for the ride in 2015. I am heartened by each of you who’ve told me they look forward to reading THE MAY QUEEN MURDERS and to those who have and given their thoughts on the book.

This year, guys, this year. Almost four years in the making from when I began the book.

This spring, I’ll visit my in-laws in Florida, probably writing in the same spot where I first realized how tangled up Ivy, Heather, Rook, Violet, and the others would become. Writing while the alligators inched up the seawall and lounged in the sun. A little bit of danger close enough to touch.

This year feels so many things: dangerous like that alligator, anxious, and hopeful.

See you all in Rowan’s Glen soon.


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