Coming to Gateway Con – 2018

Hello, Friends.

It’s been a bit since I checked in. Between the holidays and being very busy with a new writing project as well as trying to limit time on the internet, it seems that January has already slipped by. It can be good to take a break from social media. It certainly has helped me improve my focus on writing, art, and other work. It seems to take away a layer of pressure to be “out there,” somehow publicly performative, when many writers–though certainly  not all–tend to be quieter people who need to time to observe, think, and create.

Now that it’s been announced, I can share that I will be at Gateway Con this year. Presented by the St. Louis Writers Guild, Gateway Con is a great opportunity to connect writers of all genres, from beginners to the well-established, along with other industry professionals. From June 15-17, 2018, Gateway Con will be at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel, and it’s exciting to be part of growing conference. More information can be found at: St. Louis Writers Guild – Gateway Con.

In the meantime, I’m working on a strange YA novel that is dear to my heart about complicated friends to enemies, the sainthood given to someone who dies young and suddenly, and whether you truly need to forgive someone who hurt you.

Winter is long and cold. Sometimes there’s even a blue moon and a blood moon during the same moon set. We curl up close and listen to each other’s stories while dreaming of golden days to come.

Until next time,

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