What’s Coming

Hello, friends,

The summer slow down becomes the end-of-summer speed up. I have a couple more things on the horizon. Late in September, I will be at Archon, which is a large con for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fans and professionals. I’ve participated on panels the last few years and really enjoyed myself as I talked with other writers and readers about craft and fandoms. It will be September 29-October 1 at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, IL (right outside St. Louis, MO). It should be a great time.

Also, my short YA horror story “Lucy Light, Lucy Dark” will be featured in an upcoming anthology that should be available in time for Halloween reading. Details are coming on that one . . .

This summer, I’ve finished a middle grade novel written with my eleven-year-old daughter, and it’s mysterious and puzzling. My daughter (for now, at least) leans toward the dark and creepy with her own work. She’s spent a great deal of time working on craft, voice, and figuring out who she is as a writer. Some of it brings up memories of when I was younger and starting to find my path. My mother was the first person who ever read my work. That encouragement was more valuable than any coursework I later took in college. She was the first person who said, “You can do this.” It takes drive. It takes a lot of determination and discipline as you force yourself to study not only your work but others’ to learn technique and voice and HOW DID THEY MAKE THAT CHARACTER SO REAL?! The other lesson that’s important for my daughter to see is that rejection is simply part of the industry. How I react to rejection or difficulty teaches her. Do I give up? Do I let the situation sink in and consider how I want to handle it? Do I try to fix it immediately? It’s all a learning process, and growing ourselves is a massive part of growing as a writer as well.

There are more stories I’m working on, more things I’m keeping a little closer to my heart for the moment as they’re forming.

Fall is coming, and it’s my favorite season, the one where I feel the most grounded against the earth and there’s a peculiar energy as we race to accomplish all the things before settling in to the stagnancy of winter. Let’s see how much we can get done.


A Year in Progress

Friends, I looked at the calendar and still can’t believe it’s already in August.

Waaaaay back in January, when I posted about Louise Gornall’s wonderful book, I didn’t know that two days later I was going to become very, very ill. I hadn’t been feeling well for several months. The later part of 2016 was a slide into my anxiety and panic disorder, all of it compounded by knowing something was wrong and not being sure what that something was.

A gallbladder is something you never think about until you have to. Mine decided it was going to poison me. The surgery to remove it was delayed. I continued to get sick. Once it was gone though, I started to get better.

Sometimes it takes a really painful, frightening moment to make you take stock of things.

Without going into all the details, I have put my health first this year. Mental, physical, spiritual, creative. I made some massive changes, and it’s led to me finding an overall positive headspace. Twenty-five years of anxiety disorders and chronic pain because of a traumatic neck injury and all that comes with living amid those issues don’t go away overnight. But the care I’ve given toward working on them has honestly made a difference. I’m in an upswing.

I’m writing, and I’m having fun while writing. Mysterious things. Murdery things. Witches and folklore and trapdoors and swamps. There are more stories coming. So sit tight and hang on. You’ll hear more soon.